Situated in the beautiful hillside in Vail, Colorado, the Gerald Ford Amphitheater is visually stunning. Not only in the venue itself but in it’s surroundings, with a view of Rocky Mountains and luscious green woodlands. So when the sun is shining down on this venue, the light and energy is tranquil – making it the perfect place to see Orchestras and solo classical musicians perform!

gerald ford amphitheater

Just like you would expect in a natural park setting, drinks and food are allowed inside, so while watching the concert, you can create your very own picnic and kick back on the green, giving it a real community feel.

What better way to spend a whole summer day, outside, enjoying the best talent at a music festival, both local and world-famous, all from the comfort of a seated arena.
Attending this venue is a refreshing and unique experience, when it’s time to leave, you will be eager to return!